Saturday, September 23, 2006

ZEROGLAB lecture at ARTPOOL P60 gallery in Budapest

ZEROGLAB lecture at ARTPOOL P60 gallery in Budapest.
date: 10 November 2006
Budapest VI., Paulay Ede utca 60
progam(soon here):

ARTPOOL is an independent art research institute in Budapest. The institute archives and actively promotes a huge spectrum of contemporary hungarian and international art, sound poetry, experimental music, performance art, conceptual art, mail art, fluxus, neoism, just to name a few from the colorfull patchwork of art activities of the hungarian art scene since the 60's. ARTPOOL is and has been the only place where researchers and the public can aquire knowledge about independent artistic activities of the communist era.

ARTPOOL is an irreplacable brain prothesis of a whole nation in
order to preserve a significant part of the hungarian cultural heritage,
which, otherwise would have been lost forever. The C3 institute has published
an extesive record of declassified communist secret service dossiers
of artistic activities in Hungary from the 60's up to the 80's.
The reports of the informants and secret agents are stunning. They
are documenting of the systematic mental lobotomy of a whole nation
for decades.

The waves of the devastating impact of this still makes the art scene in Hungary, and Hungarians in general a lame duck if it comes to present themself in the international arena. The country is at best to be characterized as autistic even today.

ARTPOOL is a huge vault of memory of a whole era and P60, the gallery space shows recent artistic tendencies of the 20st and 21st century.